Is very interesting the first time I tried, I overtried and It was a little bit frustrating, but in the end, I did it very close, you can see the masters on my Instagram page @fitopardo is the portrait of Belinda, the thing is that we all think that we need the full-size model, and we don't, we just need the face of the model, in my point of view we need 3 sides of the face of the model you need to copy, with those 3 sides you can make a copy, but the better resolution you get on those images the better after you make your first fused images in Ai or MJ you can use the fused images to make tests, from the 4 images MJ gives you most of the time will only be one ok and the rest will look different, is kind of taking a lot of images on the camera and using just a couple, the same idea, not all will work but some will match your model to copy.
For Belinda I had to try more than one race, Spanish works a little bit, but there are different other world races to try on this one, for Emily I had to try mixing her with actresses, and at the end, I used Greta Thunberg, that matched her look and was perfect to make her like her, Right now I am trying to copy me and I still not got a match but I had tried several actors, I will get me soon,
For Belinda, I did a Magazine Photo Studio with Her some years ago and I used one of those pictures mixed with 4 more of her eyes, nose, and mouth the rest is not important, I tried first to upload full body pictures and MJ did not let me at first I thought the pictures were copyrighted somehow or something and that is not the problem, the problem is that if you upload an image that the BOT thinks is Rated, the bot will not let you use that image, Rated I mean a little bit of skin, first I tried to upload full images, and later I found that is a bad idea after I got the how I just upload to the system the close-ups of Belinda and they worked as a charm plus the wold races I found that they match her, on the prompts.
With Emily I Knew already how to mix them, and it was kind of faster, but because Emilly is not famous like the first person, there are fewer images of her online, actually, there are non, I had to be creative, I get the look-alike actress technique that I explained above, the images that Emilly gave me were super low-quality images, and it made me lose a lot of time, I started to mix images I steeled from people on MJ especially to see if they helped (I steeled from the image online address, I used the image links to mix it on my prompt), I noticed that to make a whole person you need to mix a regular person with the ones you have and that way MJ thinks is the same person, that helps to make a full-size model of someone, but is best to use an Ai image to make a full-size model on someone. 

After you make a master, stop using the first images and use one or 3 images from the ones you did make in MJ to add to your prompt and start playing with those, those are the ones that will work better to do a perfect last model.
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