For this Kind of image, use the Advanced Angles for Studios tab that area has the best prompts I have used for this kind of image, but is tricky times it works times it doesn't and I believe has to do with some words you use, 'Portrait' is a good word or prompt to use on all of the images you need to make them for professional work, remember that Photorealistic and Hyperrealistic are Art terms are Paint terms, do not use those words on photography you will never get what you need to ask, MJ does not work well with those words on photography professional shots, you can use them and the images will look somehow ok, but will not deliver the frame you are aiming to get, keep your prompts inside real Photography words, that way the Bot will understand the framing better. 
On those prompts on the TAB from above, first I thought we needed a whole story out of the prompts, and not all the time times with no story works pretty well, but I found that mixing outside elements like the Dandelion and mix it with your image that will make your images pop and look like a better professional looking. 
One thing to keep in mind, If you don't ask MJ will add what the BOT wants, so all those people adding lots of words to their prompts are not doing a lot and are letting the BOT do an automatic image creation, think as them as a waste of time creators, and is important to keep the prompt in less than 6000 characters, that is a lot, if you pass this number the BOT will not read your prompt and will do an automatic image of whatever the BOT wants, in order for you to get exactly what you want on your image you need to know all of this.
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